MM  3     Human Hydra Project is primarily the home for the work of M. de Vena.

Orphaned at birth and thus adopted by chance by world renown Parisian acrobat artist Noelle de la Fontaine. Madame de la Fontaine enrolled the, then youthful  M. into the Belgian Assassination Society. A sect so covert and mysterious it must garner no further mentioning. Upon discovering spaghetti westerns in Italian film houses, he had found his fate. Leone, Peckinpah, and Jack Daniels became his idols. These days, little is known of him except the fact that he is a self imposed eunuch and is often found in the company of less than desirable females who act as his own guardians of the flesh. Gunfights often ensue. 

(note):  Please feel free to contact about any commission requests, collaborations, trades, charity and organization proposals, or any other words of positive intent. Ciao.    -M-


*Unless it is otherwise noted, all artworks and images and written word on this site are the exclusive property of M. de Vena and/or named artist. Any use of imagery for purposes other than this site can be permissible by contacting the artist/artists. Otherwise prohibited. Contributing artists fall under same copyright law protected by United States and international law.

© 2012 by Human Hydra Inc./HumanHydraProject. All rights reserved.


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